12 Things to Consider When Buying Public Seating | FREE E-Book

Buying public seating is an important long-term investment. In this e-book we break down 12 things to consider when buying public seating so you can have peace of mind you’re making the best, most informed decision.

We answer your frequently asked questions including:

“Thousands or even millions of people visit our building every year. Can my seating handle that volume? Will it perform well and look good for a long time?”

“What if we need to change our floor plan for physical distancing, or the needs of our space change? Will our  seating accommodate the need for more space?”

“How do we make our seating accessible for all visitors?”

“Once it’s installed, how much work will I have to do?”

“Will our seating demonstrate value for the long term?”

Download 12 Things to Consider When Buying Public Seating (PDF)


Your guide to airport and passenger terminal furniture.


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