5 Types of Travelers You’ll Find at an Airport and How to Satisfy Their Needs

Everyone has a destination, but we all have a different way of getting there. Within a transportation terminal you’ll find many different types of travelers with different needs, attitudes, and habits. Below we break down 5 different types with the types of amenities that are preferred in order to enhance their journey.

The Business Traveler


From start to finish, the business traveler is seeking the optimal passenger experience. As a frequent and experienced traveler, they understand the importance of functionality and efficiency. They need a space that is fully equipped for working on the go. Small conveniences make a world of difference to this traveler. Accessories such as tablet arms, and seating or standing height work stations with table room provide the business traveler a more comfortable and spacious working environment

Having access to charging stations for their personal devices like phones and laptops, is also very important. They want to have the ability to work without worrying about a dying battery or where and when they will be able to charge up next. Business travelers often spend time in VIP or member lounges, and having comfortable hospitality-inspired ergonomic seating with power and surface options make a large difference.

Millennial Families


Young and adventurous, the Millennial traveler wants the overall experience not just for themselves but their families. Millennial families is one of the fastest growing travel groups. They feel that one of the best things they can do for their children is to expose them to the world through travelling. They are frequently updating their social media feeds to show their friends and family pictures of their trips, starting from the moment they enter the transportation terminal. Colorful lounge furniture placed near interesting artwork or statement furniture pieces provide not only a comfortable place for families to rest and recharge but also the perfect setting for the next Instagram shot.

Traveling with kids can be a challenge especially when boredom kicks in. There need to be areas for children with safe and durable seating where they are able to expend their extra energy. But don’t forget about the parents! Lounge furniture close to the children’s area enables parents to keep an eye on their little ones while having some time to relax.


The Boomer Leisure Seeker


Accessibility and amenities are key values for the Boomer Leisure Seeker who are either retired or approaching that age. While they may not be frequent flyers, they do carry significant purchasing power. They tend to be more willing than their younger more budget conscious traveler counterparts to spend some money at the airport in retail and restaurant areas. Providing furniture outside of shops, or near these areas gives them a place to rest between spending. They are also looking for a comfortable and clean environment to relax and maybe enjoy a drink or a meal before their flight. Having access to well-maintained waste and recycling containers is key to keep spaces clean. Proximity to seating and concessions is also important so they don’t have to walk too far.

The right lounge seating can provide the comfort and support these travelers need, to make their experience more welcoming. By choosing seating that is larger and more padded you can create a VIP experience for these travelers, even in hold rooms. By color blocking these seating you can help create a sense of way-finding and the illusion of a separated area, making it easier to find, and create a sense of privacy.


The Occasional Traveler

The Occasional traveler is more inexperienced then their other travel counterparts. They rely more heavily on the high-quality customer service at the airport to make things like checking in and security screening an easier and smoother process. Functional and clear waste disposal is important, as there are a lot of rules and regulations about what can be taken on a plane which they may not be aware of. By having amenities such as liquid disposal and waste and recycling units readily available you can cut down on the confusion the occasional traveler will face.

This traveler appreciates the small amenities and thoughtful designs that takes the confusion out of their journey. Finding your way around airports can be confusing for these travelers who aren’t familiar with the layout and need clarity in direction. Furniture configurations can be used to direct the flow to traffic will enable a hassle-free process to the vacation destination.


The Young Adventure Seeker

A growing segment of the travel population is the young adventure seeker. These travelers trust the recommendations of their friends above all else and use social media to share their experiences. They are value conscious travelers and want to see as much as possible in the time allotted. They are looking for Instagram worthy pictures from the start of their trip to its conclusion. By having colorful and comfortable seating options throughout the terminal you can provide this traveler with the perfect backdrop for their Instagram shots. Also consider seating or lighting that doubles both as furniture and an art feature.

This traveler is just as likely to travel alone as they are within a group. This makes them depend on their phones or personal devices to stay connected with family and friends back home or to those travelling with them. Outfitting your terminal with accessible power makes a large difference to this group of travelers. They can now stay charged and connected until they board.


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