Arconas Adds ELeather to Standard Fabric Offerings

In our continued efforts to offer sustainable solutions for our clients, Arconas is happy to announce the addition of ELeather to our standard fabric offerings. ELeather is the manufacturer of engineered leather – an advanced material produced by combining unused traditional leather fibers with the power of high-pressure water. As a result, the material is reliable, durable and consistent while maintaining a significantly lower environmental footprint. This sustainable upholstery option diverts thousands of tons waste from landfills, has a reduced carbon footprint and can contribute towards LEED credits.

ELeather Fabric

ELeather has the luxurious look and feel associated with traditional leather, as well as enhanced comfort associated with soft trim furnishings. The fabric has a controlled stretch, as well as consistent colour and gloss throughout the life of the seat. ELeather’s durability and low maintenance make it a cost-effective, long term solution for high-impact public spaces. The inclusion of ELeather to Arconas’ standard fabric offerings gives our airport and transportation clients an additional high-performance upholstery option that can help reduce their environmental impact.

Download a PDF of the ELeather fabric card here.

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