Arconas Celebrates Green Furniture Concept Partnership at Gardiner Museum with IDC

On Tuesday September 19th, Arconas officially launched its partnership with Green Furniture Concept (GFC) as the exclusive distributor of their furniture anywhere in Ontario, Canada. This comes on the heels of their initial partnership to distribute to airports throughout the Americas.

The launch was held as part of a tour and networking event organized by the Interior Designers of Canada. The afternoon began with a tour that let members get to know Toronto’s retail, outdoor, and residential design landscape as well as upcoming projects and changes in Yorkville. It was then followed by a networking reception at the Gardiner Museum where guests could chat, sit, and sip among a beautiful display of Green Furniture Concept products including Nova C Benches, Leaf Lamp Trees, and their Radius series of planters.

The Gardiner Museum was a beautiful backdrop for the event, with floor to ceiling windows that perfectly complimented the Green Furniture Concept idea of bringing the outdoors inside. The warm weather also allowed guests to wander onto the outdoor terrace and take in the beautiful views of the Toronto skyline.

Green Furniture Concept is an award-winning Swedish company that designs sustainable furniture and lighting solutions for indoor public landscapes. Their Nova C wood benches are a modular bench system that shape a seamless seating line and can take any creative form.  The Leaf Lamp Series consists of a unique ambient and acoustic lighting solution made entirely of natural materials. Floor mounted or hanging leaf lamp options bring a whimsical yet elegant charm to each space.

The furniture lent itself well to the retail ‘theme’ of the day, as GFC’s projects can be seen in many malls and gallerias all over Europe. However, the versatile furniture brightens a variety of public spaces including schools, healthcare facilities, local governments, arenas, community and cultural centers, transportation terminals, and airports. Arconas has distributed the products to many airports since gaining this partnership including Calgary International Airport, Denver International airport, and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope to see everyone at more events in the future. If you are interested in learing more about Arconas, and/or their partnership with Green Furniture concept please contact



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