Arconas Launches New inPower Flex Website

As part of the launch of the new inPower Flex 3 power module, Arconas has relaunched its microsite dedicated to the powered seating solution:

CLICK HERE to visit the new inPower Flex website

The inPower™ Flex 3 is the third generation of Arconas’ innovative public charging solution for airport clients. Passengers can use the safe, convenient, and reliable power access from a comfortable seated position to recharge their personal electronics, from cell phones to laptops, while waiting for their flight. Acknowledging an advancing technological landscape, the inPower™ Flex 3 has been designed with USB Type-C ports, the newest standard in USB charging, as well as two AC receptacles. USB Type-C is the fastest type of USB available and has already been adopted by leading tech brands Apple, Google, LG, HTC, Sony, Samsung and Black Berry for all new personal electronics entering the market. USB Type-C can charge any type of mobile devices, from cell phones to laptops, without an AC adapter.



Its reversible plug makes it simpler and easier to use, and it’s adaptive fast charging allows one cable to work on a wide range of devices and accessories. The module works with your device to optimize charging speed and automatically adjusts to universal charging voltages, making it much easier for international travelers to charge their electronics. The inPower™ Flex 3 can charge two laptops at the same time at their full charging rate.

“We’re excited to be able to offer the newest standard in charging to our airport clients and their customers,” says Pablo Reich, Arconas’ Executive Vice President. “USB Type-C has been embraced by all major tech companies for personal devices entering the market, and the inPower™ Flex 3 will ensure airports are equipped with the technology passengers are looking for now and into the future.”

Designed by Fig 40, a leading Canadian industrial design studio, the inPower™ Flex 3 has a sleek new look, featuring an all-black aluminum casing that seamlessly blends into public spaces and complements polished aluminum seating components. Its robust casing will stand up to impact from passengers and facility equipment.

The inPower™ Flex 3 is UL-rated, and comes with technology that limits currents, shuts down the unit within 120 ms if there is a ground-short, and shield’s passenger’s electronics from power surges. The unit also has tamper resistant shutters that block access to live contacts unless a complete plug is inserted into the receptacle.

inPower™ Flex 3 also distributes power to many passengers from one wall outlet which reduces coring costs. The new module is exceptionally adaptable and can be attached to any existing model of Arconas beam seating and tables, as well as any existing beam seating style an airport may already have using a custom bracket. inPower™ Flex 3 is also fully compatible with the previous version, which allows facilities to easily upgrade to the new unit using the same bracket. The unit is also available in international models.