Arconas Outfits a Small Airport with Furniture from Start to Finish in British Columbia, Canada

Arconas recently transformed the newly renovated departure lounge at Smithers Regional Airport in British Columbia from start to finish with our array of airport furniture offerings.

Connex seating at Smithers Regional Airport

3 Unique Seating Options

Arconas worked with Studio 531 Architects to develop a holistic solution to the airport’s furniture needs, supplying soft and tandem seating, stools, and recycling bins. Our Connex was chosen to create a winding lounge statement piece in the center of the room, affectionately dubbed ‘the river’. The piece, upholstered in Esprit Raspberry fabric, livens up the room with both its bright color, and dynamic configuration. If passengers prefer to sit on more traditional seating, they have the option to in our durable yet light Bernù Aero tandem seating, finished in a rich Espresso fabric. Along the mill-worked counters that give passengers a beautiful view of the nearby mountain range are our custom 34″ inPower bar stools to comfortably accommodate the tall counter height.


Waste & Recycling

To finish off the lounge Arconas installed two Skyline series waste and recycling containers which are manufactured by Auweko in Germany, and exclusively distributed in the Americas by Arconas.   The airport director had seen another line of Auweko waste & recycling units, the Temptation series, at a trade show and loved the clean elegant look. Recycling units were not actually planned in the original specification for the passenger lounge but through further conversation it was discovered that he was interested in front-opening bins to ease any potential strain on his maintenance staff. We knew we had a solution, as Auweko had recently launched their SKYLINE series of front opening bins. The container is made of brushed stainless steel and each compartment can hold up to 100 liters, or 26.4 gallons. We also worked with the airport to decide on the best decals to place on the bins to accommodate their local waste and recycling program to ensure waste is separated correctly.

Skyline series Auweko waste and recycling bin


In addition to the new lounge, there are new fully accessible washrooms in the departure lounge and, as part of the larger modernization project, in the terminal’s main lobby. Further improvements include upgrades to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire suppression systems as well as an energy efficient geothermal heating and cooling system. The completed project is expected to reduce green house gas emissions by 53 percent, energy use by 39 percent and energy costs by 31 percent compared to conventional construction. Reconfigurations in the terminal have created more efficient and safer passenger movement by rearranging the check-in, baggage claim, baggage handling and security areas. The interior and the exterior of the terminal are being updated to complement the new addition.

Smithers Regional Airport is located 5 km (3.1 miles) north of the Town of Smithers in British Columbia, Canada. The airport services not only the nearby locals, but also sees traffic from many tourists passing through for hiking and heli-skiing adventures. Smithers Regional Airport is also a gateway for many transient workers who work up north in the oil, gas, and forestry industries.


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