Arconas Outfits New O’Hare Multi-Modal Facility with Suite of Furniture Solutions

Exciting news for those traveling to or from the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, as the new rental car facility is now officially open! This new “Multi Modal Facility” was created in preparation for the massive terminal expansion that has been planned for Chicago O’Hare over the next decade.

The rental car center was done in collaboration with Carol Ross Barney Architects. The goal for the furniture for this new facility was to add comfortable and durable seating, easy access to power and table space for passengers who are entering or leaving the airport. The facility has 13 rental car services, public parking, access to buses, Metra and other transit operators servicing the airport. The new facility also has a space for service dogs.

Auweko Temptation bin at O’Hare multi modal facility

Arconas has already been a fixture in the Chicago O’Hare airport for a number of years, working with the airport to create practical and elegant solutions to enhance the passengers experience including the creation of custom Auweko Temptation waste and recycling bins. These bins have also been used throughout the new car rental facility. While the airport was only looking for a two-compartment bin for waste and recycling an issue arose with the size of containers provided by vendors in the airport vs the opening of most waste and recycling bins. To resolve this Arconas and Auweko worked to engineer the Temptation FF2 bin with larger opening to accommodate the waste produced within the airport. This is just one example of Arconas working to create custom solutions for their clients.

inPower Bar at O’Hare multi modal facility

Arconas’ s inPower bars were the prefect way to provide power for passengers who need to charge their phones, tablet or other devices after a flight while also providing them with a comfortable work space. They are a great “plug & play” solution for the busy airport. Plug and play is a great way to maximize power while saving space and time. The inPower Bar only requires one power source with no hard wiring or costly fees to power the entire bar which can house up to 6 output sources.

Bernù Aero seating with table and power

Bernu Aero seating was added throughout as just the right mix of comfort and durability. The airport took advantage of one of the many options of the Bernu Aero line choosing the mix of perforated steel and poly. This combination is comfortable and inviting for passengers, while resilient enough to withstand the high frequency of travelers and easy to maintain for airport employees.


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