Arconas Seating Installed at New American Airlines Concourse in Reagan National Airport

Last week, American Airlines began welcoming customers to a new, state-of-the-art 14-gate regional concourse at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), designed to replace Gate 35X.

The new concourse, constructed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) as part of a $1 billion initiative to transform the customer experience at DCA, provides customers a range of new amenities while offering a more seamless connection to the National Capital Region.

Bernu Aero Seating

Customers departing on regional flights from Gates 46-59 are now able to relax and recharge in one of 850 new seats, including Bernù Aero Linear and Cluster seat units provided by Arconas, while enjoying panoramic views of the Washington, D.C., skyline. The seats are equipped with either all aluminum cantilever arms or all aluminum drink holder arms. Adding drink holders reduces the chance of spilling and encourages passengers to grab a drink from concessions. The drink holders are designed so that any piece of garbage or debris passes right through to the floor rather than collecting in the holder, making it easier for maintenance staff to clean.

At-Seat Power

In addition to the drink holders, each seat has access to power provided by Arconas’ inPower Flex modules mounted between seats. Each inPower Flex module is equipped with 2 AC receptacles and 2 USB ports for fast and convenient at-seat charging.

Bernu Aero Cluster with Blue Table

Bernù Aero Cluster Seating


Cluster Seating

A combination of linear and cluster units were installed to give passengers a variety of places to sit. Cluster units are good for families of groups of people who want to sit together. In this age of social-distancing, they also provide more personal space, along with a large central table people can use to put their belongings or concessions items on. Arconas worked with the client to offer a custom blue tabletop made from a material called ‘Chroma’ by 3form to bring an extra pop of color to the hold rooms.

Additional Amenities

Additional new amenities to this concourse at Reagan National Airport include four public restrooms, two mother’s care rooms and an indoor pet relief area. When complete, the new concourse will also include more than 10 new shopping and dining options and a new 14,000 square-foot Admirals Club — currently scheduled to open in 2022.


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