Bernù Aero Perforated Installed at Amtrak and Greyhound Terminals in Birmingham, AL

In an effort to transform its public transportation system, the city of Birmingham Alabama has finished a new downtown intermodal facility that moves four types of transportation to one location. The three-block facility includes new space for the Amtrak and Greyhound terminals that feature Arconas’ sleek and robust Bernù Aero perforated seating with inPower™ Flex modules. The intent was to give passengers comfortable seating with convenient charging stations that keep customers happy over long waiting periods. The inPower™ Flex is installed under the seats so that people can charge their personal electronics from a comfortable seated position.

Bernù Aero seating at Birmingham Intermodal


The units are daisy chained together so that power can be supplied to five modules from one electrical source, reducing coring costs. Each module features dual AC receptacles and two USB ports to keep passengers charging while they wait. The modules come with multiple safety features, including temper resistant shutters, and shield electronic equipment from power surges or spikes.

The seating is designed with minimal floor contact points which provide clear site lines for security and eases cleaning under the units. The perforations as well as the open space between seatbacks minimize debris collection. Bernù Aero’s modular construction also makes it a stand-out for high-traffic waiting areas. Bernù Aero’s minimal parts allows for quick installation and easy maintenance and seats and backs can be replaced one-for-one without having to disassemble the entire unit.

A grand opening celebration for the Birmingham Intermodal station is set for February 23rd, 2018.


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