Bernù Poly and Fiore Installed at Shriner’s Hospital for Children

Arconas recently installed its playful Fiore ottomans and high-performance Bernù Poly seating at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children-Canada in Montreal, QC. The Fiore ottomans are light-weight, flower shaped ottomans that can easily be moved to accommodate different locations in the space. The ottomans are placed in a section dedicated to children with games and a television. Children and their parents can use them to watch TV, read a book, or play.

Fiore ottomans at Shriner’s Hospital for Children

Bernù Poly seating was chosen for the waiting area because of its easy maintenance, durability, anti-microbial properties, and wall-saver legs that protect the wooden walls. At the Shriners Hospital, each department has different themes, and are made to be bright and colorful. Bernù Poly in ‘Royal Blue’ brightens up the space and nicely complements the tones of the wood walls and floors.

Bernù Poly at Shriner’s Hospital for Children


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