Bernù Poly at Quito International Airport, Ecuador

Bernù Poly at Quito International Airport
The next phase of bernù poly tandem seating was recently installed at Ecuador’s busiest airport, Quito International. 70,000 sq.ft of new construction was erected to provide additional room for one of South America’s busiest airports. Over 1,000 bernù poly seats and 240 inPower Flex modules were installed to meet the new demands of passenger traffic. Power modules were a natural add-on to the seating as many global travellers expect accessible power outlets while sitting at the gates.

One of the great benefits of inPower flex being a shared device, is that it offers enough AC and USB charging for two people’s electronics. Given that the airport installed 240 inPower modules on the seats, means that there is enough power outlets for 580 passengers. That’s over 50% of seats with charging capabilities and a lot of smiling faces!


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