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Bernù Public Seating at Pima County Courthouse

Bernù Public Seating was recently installed at the new Pima County Courthouse located in Tucson, Arizona. The new building was designed by local architects – GLHN – and the respective jail complex developed by Aecom Construction – brought all justice court services to one location. Outdated security systems, inaccessible building access for persons with a disability, and several departments living in adjacent buildings prompted the move to be under one, contemporary roof.

Bernù was chosen for the public and jury assembly areas for it’s contemporary style, durability, comfort, and flexible design. Bernù’s optional upholstered pads were specified based on the dynamics of each public waiting area throughout the building. Not lacking in comfort and style, Bernù’s perforated metal backs are ergonomically contoured for long wait-times.

Bernu public seating with upholstered backrests inside the jury staging room


Bernu seating without upholstered backrests neatly aligned inside one of the civilian waiting rooms


The building’s corridors were aligned with Flyaway benches that offer a place to wait outside the courtrooms. Benches are a great way to keep open sight lines and are practical for adding extra seats in small spaces. They can also be installed in public areas outdoors and with a view like that, who wouldn’t want to sit there for hours ?!

Flyaway benches inside Pima County Consolidated Courthouse

Erected in 1929, the Spanish Colonial Revival building was designed by Roy Place, a local architect who also designed the Cochise County courthouse and 25 buildings at University of Arizona. The Spanish Colonial style is widely recognized as Arizona’s finest example of the style. Plans for the historical courthouse building is “to convert the entire court house into museum space.” Source Downtown Tucsonan News.

Pima County’s Historical Courthouse – Courtesy of Wikipedia


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