Colorful Connex Creates a Sense of Place at Confederation Mall

Visitors to Confederation Mall in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada now have several places to relax and unwind during their shopping trips thanks to our installation of Connex seating. This installation is especially exciting because it shows off the versatility of the line, which can make an endless amount of unique configurations. These include armchairs, straight and curved seats,  intermediate and end tables, and under-table power.

A mix of curved seating has been placed at a gathering area in the center of the mall that also serves as a children’s play area. Our vibrant Fiore ottomans are included in the space with complementary fabric on the petals to tie in the colors of the space. Arm chairs and benches are placed along the corridors and at the main entrance of the mall.

Connex Benches at Confederation Mall

Connex’s versatile shapes allow the furniture to be placed in a way that best suits the needs of each unique space in the mall. Straight configurations in corridors are great to direct the desired flow of traffic. Alternatively, curved seating formations that connect seamlessly help fill the central gathering space, in scale with the building. The shapes and colors combined were chosen to convey the malls desired branding. Each public facility has its own character, and vision for how they want their patrons to interact with and feel about a space. Connex’s ability to create custom configurations and designs, help them achieve these goals.

Connex seating and Fiore ottomans at Confederation Mall

The Connex curved seating arranged around the central atrium and play area encourages people to gather, and creates a natural meeting spot. The inclusion of inPower™ Flex modules under tables gives people the convenience of being able to charge their personal electronics. It also serves as a reminder that the facility has anticipated the needs of their patrons, and invites them to stay longer and relax.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Connex seating can be configured to fill your unique public space, contact us here.


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