Custom Auweko Temptation Bins Arrive at Chicago O’Hare Airport

Chicago O’Hare International airport is one of the busiest airports in the world in terms of flights and passenger traffic. Such volume demands furniture designed specifically for high-traffic public spaces. This includes waste/recycling bins that take an especially harsh beating from users. When the facility recently we’re in need of new waste and recycling bins to be placed throughout the airport Arconas, along with our partner Auweko, were up for the task.

Auweko is a German company specializing in elegant yet robust stainless-steel waste and recycling bins that stand up to the toughest environments. The company is a veteran when it comes to equipping airports with their waste solutions, having completed over 150 airport installations to date including Frankfurt Germany, London-Heathrow, Amsterdam-Schipol, and Paris Charles de Gaulle among others.

Auweko Temptation bin with advertising panels

Auweko and Arconas are well known for working alongside their clients to find the best solution to their facility’s unique needs. While discussing their waste and recycling needs, a couple of points came up. First of all, they only needed two streams: waste and recycling, which could easily be satisfied by the Temptation FF2 series. However, the airport concession options poised an interesting challenge. It was discovered that many containers issued by restaurants and vendors at the airport were two big for most waste and recycling bin openings. This would result in passengers simply placing their trash on top of the bin, instead of inside, which is a major inconvenience to maintenance staff.  To solve this, Auweko’s design team in Germany engineered a bin with larger apertures to accommodate the common waste produced at the airport.


To also aid the maintenance staff, the bins were designed with push button locks, eliminating the need for keys that could more easily be lost. The lids of these bins smoothly open upwards automatically with the help of a hydraulic system, easing any additional strain that comes with removing waste. The hot-dip galvanized metal-sheet inner containers are also removable for cleaning. Finally, the airport was interested in making the advertisement area larger, which Auweko was able to change to their specifications.

The temptation bin comes in several configurations, from 1 to 4 openings, with or without hoods, and free standing or wall mounted,

The bins accompany other pieces of Arconas furniture that can be found throughout the airport including Flyaway, Connex, and Bernù Aero seating, as well as inPower™ Flex modules and inPower™ Bars.



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