Republic of II By IV

REPUBLIC OF II BY IV is a product design studio founded in 2012 on the highly creative vision and vast industry experience of its partners, Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook. Recognized internationally for their award winning interiors, the duo share a 30 year history of design excellence and an insightful understanding of materiality, objects, and even more importantly, the relationship between people and objects.

REPUBLIC OF II BY IV is focused on the design and conception of signature product collections. We are fueled by passion, dedicated to constant innovation, and guided by a design philosophy that is based on more than looks, quality materials, seamless joinery techniques and an adept understanding of manufacturing processes. The Industrial Design team vows to create pieces that are more than just beautiful. Every collection is characterized by timeless silhouettes with whimsical qualities, making them as distinctive as they are innovative.


Your guide to airport and passenger terminal furniture.


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