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Jonathan Loudon & John Schmider

Jonathan Loudon, Partner
Jonathan has been involved with innovative product development for the past 20 years. He has worked across diverse sectors – from commercial furniture and medical devices to consumer products and sustainability initiatives. Past clients include Office Max, Canadian Tire, Roche Pharmaceuticals and Alias Wavefront. Previously, Jonathan has worked as Managing Partner at Cooler Solutions, with Advanced Concepts at Teknion furniture, and as Design Director at VisionMaker, a high tech start-up. He is the current president of ACIDO (Association of Chartered Industrial Designers in Ontario) and on the board of ACID (Association of Canadian Industrial Designers).
John Schmider, Partner
Over the years, John’s work has encompassed developing new products ranging from the medical industry to designing the Tour de France winning carbon fiber bicycle frame for Cervelo Cycles. In addition to his design background, John has developed a broad base of experience in manufacturing co-ordination, component sourcing and CAD software integration.

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