Diverse Suite of Arconas Lounge Furniture Installed at Regina Airport

Regina Airport in Saskatchewan, Canada has been undergoing renovations to expand and improve their post-security hold room lounge furniture experience.

Lounge furniture suite

These renovations involve installing several lounge furniture products from Arconas: Datum tables with power and Twenty-Twenty ottomans, Connex seating and tables with power, and Fractals seating with power. The main goal of the renovation was to increase seating capacity while also creating diverse seating areas throughout the post security hold room. The finishes follow the existing ‘prairie’ color scheme and theme. This includes rust, taupe, gold, and brown hues.



Fractals creates seating pods with power so passengers can work in a soft seating option. The high back creates privacy for the user, and power is accessible under each seat. Arconas offers Fractals to airport clients through a distribution partnership with Studio TK.


datum lounge furniture

Datum gives business travelers a table to work at and charge their personal electronics.  The tabletop floats above the surface of stowed seating and the ottomans align to the structural frame when not in use, creating a unified furniture system. Each table has an AC connection and powered USB ports for charging laptops, tablets, phones, etc. The airport has noted that the Datum lounge furniture has been very popular since the installation, and all the new seating has been getting a lot of use.



Connex seating arrangements, both linear and curved, create areas where families can dynamically gather. The linear units include in-line tables with power modules underneath. Power is also integrated directly into the arm rest for convenient charging.

“We want to deliver a modern, convenient, and connected experience for our passengers. Providing power and USB on every piece of this flexible, stylish Arconas furniture makes that easier.” – Justin Reeves, Manager, Communications and Commercial Development, Regina Airport Authority

The second floor renovations were completed by architecture firm P3Architecture Partnership and construction company PCL. The rest of the renovations include a play structure, and more food and beverage options for passengers.

The below video shows the newly renovated terminal featuring Arconas furniture, including our Flyaway tandem seating.



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