How to Enhance Airport Passenger Well-Being with Plants and Planters

People in contemporary society spend 80-90% of their time indoors every day. One of the best ways to enhance airport passenger well-being and reduce stress in indoor public spaces is to add plants.

Experts agree that increasing our time spent in nature whether directly, or indirectly through biophilic design has many benefits, including improved health, increased mood and feeling of well-being, and reduction of stress. Biophilic design is characterized by incorporating elements of nature into the built environment. Plants also specifically contribute to the purification of indoor air and release oxygen.

Incorporating Plants Makes Good Business Sense

Radius Planters at Alesund Airport

Radius Planters at Alesund Airport


Enhancing airport passenger well-being with the right seating and décor ultimately makes good business sense. On one hand, it can help to reduce staff stress, which boosts morale and enhances productivity. As for passengers, according to a survey of 12,000 North American airports by data analytics firm JD Power and Associates, happy customers spend on average 45% more money at the airport. When individuals are less stressed, they are more likely to shop, spend money, speak positively about their experience, and become a repeat patron.

Divide Space or Create Privacy

Radius Planter Dividers

Radius Planter Dividers


Plants can be placed in VIP areas, hold rooms, lounges, concession spaces and more. Their strategic placement can be used as an accent to existing décor, as well as a divider within a space to create a sense of privacy and separation. Applications can include a separation between back to back rows of seats, a way to separate booths at a restaurant or concessions area, or a physical and visual separation from one gate to another.

USM Planter Dividers

USM Planters


Planters could even be incorporated into information and check-in desks to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere upon entry into a terminal. If incorporating real plants, ensure they are placed in a space with enough natural light. If this is not possible, artificial plants can also be substituted.  All products are designed to be used indoors.

About USM Airportsystems and ‘A World of Plants for USM Haller’

USM Counter with a World of Plants

USM Counter with a World of Plants


Arconas’ partner USM Airportsystems now offers an elegant and simple system to incorporate more plants into your airports and public spaces.

USM Airportsystems creates modular furniture for all passenger processes within a terminal from check-in to boarding. The USM system comprises of a chrome-plated brass ball joint, chromed steel tubes that connect to the ball forming a table framework, and powder coated metal panels mounted between the tubes. Arconas is the exclusive distributor of USM to airports throughout the Americas.

As always with USM Modular Furniture, the new accessories for your plants can easily be integrated into existing furniture configurations. The new metal plant panel horizontally integrates plant pots directly into the furniture system, with pot recesses, in a subtle and discreet manner. The integration of plants into the existing modular furniture system creates an abundance of complementary and novel combination possibilities as well as design options.

USM Counter with Plants

Counter with a World of Plants for USM Haller


“The extensive modularity of the USM system makes it easy and convenient to add plants to your public space. You can either purchase a new counter system that incorporates the planters, or simply replace a panel of your existing USM furniture with a plant panel and completely transform your space,” says Brita Forrest-Hampson, CEO of USM Airportsystems.

Plant Pots and Watering Set

The ‘World of Plants’ system comprises of metal plant panels, plant pots, and a watering set. The plant pots provided with the system are made from clay and are available in terracotta and basalt color options. See more about the specific components here. 

USM Plant Pots

USM Plant Pots


The watering set consists of a pot insert and water level indicator. The irrigation set offers the customer simplicity when it comes to caring for the plants. The system supports you by regulating and extending the pouring cycle.

USM Watering Set

USM Watering Set


For further information on the components and how to care for your plants please download the operation instruction here.

Radius Planter Dividers by Green Furniture Concept

Green Furniture Radius Planters

Green Furniture Linear Radius Planters


Green Furniture Concept designs seating and lighting systems for public interiors. At the heart of their company is a commitment to sustainability and green practices. Green Furniture is known for their iconic Nova C modular seating series that gives you the flexibility to create configurations as unique as your space with the potential to offer room for both interaction and privacy. Green Furniture also offers planters that seamlessly align within their seating configurations.

Green Furniture Curved Planter Divider

Green Furniture Curved Radius Planter Divider


The Radius Series of planters can serve as corners, connectors dividers and turning joints in a bench formation. They can also be used as stand-alone room dividers. Each planter is made of powder coated steel. They are water tight and completely hollow on the inside to accommodate the growing roots from plants. The planters can also be outfitted with a false bottom for potted plants.

“The elegant planters are seamless and modular, with a curvature of choice just like our seating. With configurations ranging from straight to curved, round, square, triangular, and more, Radius Planters can enhance any space with a touch of green,” says Sandra Afeyan, Director of Sales & Marketing (Americas) at Green Furniture Concept.

Arconas is the exclusive distributor of Green Furniture Concept products to airports throughout the Americas.

For more information on how to incorporate plants and planters into your airport or transportation terminal, contact us here.


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