Erie Airport Updated with Suite of Arconas Airport Seating and Power

The public waiting area at the Erie International Airport in Millcreek Township has received a long-awaited renovation. This work includes a renovated café, new gift shop, new flooring and new furniture throughout the airport. The furniture includes a variety of seating and power options supplied by Arconas, to appeal to a variety of passenger needs. This includes curved connex benches, plush Aerea tandem seating with tables, Bernù Aero clusters, and inPower bars with stools.

The winding connex benches were chosen as a clever way to provide seating that curves around the poles that punctuate the public space.

Beside these are Bernù Aero cluster formations that feature power under the tables to encourage individuals and groups to relax and recharge. Bernù Aero is a high-performance seating system provides superior comfort and long-term support for high-traffic waiting areas. This elegant seating series accentuates aerodynamic contours and has a design aesthetic fit for public spaces where contemporary style is appreciated. The Bernù Aero cluster unit consists of six seats around a central triangular table. Clusters can be connected to form semi-circular seating arrangements suitable for families and small groups. The large central table provides enough space for all occupants whether they are working or relaxing.

For someone looking for more plush seating, Aerea also available. Aerea is a versatile collection of modular multi-purpose seating that combines the elegance and comfort normally reserved for VIP lounges with the durability required for high-traffic waiting areas. Erie has a combination of 22” and 30” seats with arms, along with 22” and 30” tables. Accessible seats with wheelchair logos embroidered on the seat backs have also been included in the configurations.

Lastly, the airport installed an inPower bar for travelers looking to recharge electronics, or who are in need of a work surface. The inPower™ Bar legs have built-in inPower™ Flex modules that provide AC and USB charging. Since all electrical components are certified to UL standards, inPower™ Bar only requires a single power source without adding costly hard-wiring to your facility.

All the seating is upholstered in imperial blue fabric and all surfaces are finishes in white quartz Caesarstone for a consistent aesthetic that complements the airport. These furniture pieces were chosen for their durability, comfort, and safety, and to ultimately enhance the passenger experience.


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