Flyaway Seating and inPower Flex 3 Power installed at YFC Airport

Fredericton International Airport (YFC) has opened its new check-in hall and part of the departures lounge. The departure lounge features new Arconas Flyaway airport seating in bright colors with intermediate tables, and inPower Flex 3 units for passengers to conveniently charge their personal electronics from the comfort of their seats.

The hall will streamline services and provide more space. When entering the terminal, airline check-in counters are straight ahead and the baggage-drop and security areas are more efficiently located. The space will make it easier for passengers to keep their distance during the COVID-19 crisis.

The new terminal design is more open and lets in more natural light. Large windows and skylights are included throughout. The departure lounge was designed with nature in mind, with round lighting fixtures are meant to look like clouds. As well, the bright upholstery colors chosen for the seats are reminiscent of those found in nature.

Flyaway airport seating

Flyaway airport seating at Fredericton International Airport


The inPower Flex 3 modules installed feature 1 AC receptacle, 2 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports so that passengers can recharge in whatever way is most convenient for them. inPower flex 3 is a UL-rated power source with numerous built-in safety features that shields against short circuits and protects passengers from shocks. Up to five units can be powered from a single wall or floor receptacle, reducing the need for costly coring and facility electrical work.

YFC chose to open this portion of the new facility, despite the pandemic. They felt opening showed how important the airport still is to the community, serving as an ambassador for the city to all those who visit. Construction was able to continue with safety measures in place.

The expansion and renovation project will increase the size of the terminal by 50% by upgrading and expanding various facilities. The renovated terminal building will have the capacity to handle 500,000 domestic and international passengers a year and will improve traffic flow through the airport.


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