Tarrant county courthouse waiting area

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Combining the Old and New at Tarrant County Courts

Combining the old and new at Tarrant County Courts was the intended approach for a building that was originally built in 1895. Since then several new subsidiary buildings were erected but nothing concrete has changed since 1950. « County officials are proud of the new 231,934-square-foot courthouse, saying it is a technological marvel that meets the needs of a modern civil court system. Architect Arthur Weinman, who has done renovation work on the landmark Tarrant County Courthouse, praises this latest addition to the city’s skyline, saying it is far better than its predecessor. »

Tarrant County Courthouse Exterior

Modernized Exterior Elevation

Arconas is proud to have installed Bernù Aero Wood seating that cascades across the multi-floor complex, ranging from the front lobby to the corridors to the intake waiting areas. Bernù Aero public seating is a combination of traditional meets modern design. It’s die-cast aluminum structure combined with the elegant and orderly wood veneer chairs complements the finishes used throughout this striking facility.

Tarrant County Courthouse, bernu aero wood

Tarrant County Courthouse Lobby with Bernu Aero Wood Seating.

Tarrant county courthouse waiting area

Waiting area showing Bernu Aero Wood with upholstered seat pads.

Click here to read more about the new building construction and see the video walk through of the building.

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