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Comfort Zones at Chicago O’Hare

Terminal 3 at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport just got a whole lot cozier! Airport operators approached our local rep, Harrison Rose with the vision of creating seating areas that would not only fill the gap from post-security to the gate areas, but would also act as respite zones for weary travelers.

Configuring modular seating components in a way that services both leisure and business travelers was the goal. So Harrison conceptualized ‘comfort zones‘ and asked the design team at head office to create seating layouts using the Connex twist-sofa (above image), and a collection of Bernù Aero Clusters equipped with power outlets and USB ports for passenger’s needing to charge their laptop and other electronic devices.


Connex curved sofas with tables and power modules were intermittently placed along the corridor as well. The undulating curve of the sofas allowed for seamless back-to-back configurations, and each seating zone was upholstered in a colour that complements the interior finishes.

Through the use of modular sofas, cluster seating and power modules for charging electronic devices, we think it’s safe to say that the new amenities at Chicago O’Hare International Airport put passengers back into their comfort zone!

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