GTAA Toronto Pearson’s Terminal 3 Renovation Revealed

GTAA Toronto Pearson’s Terminal 3 renovation revealed at one of Canada’s busiest international airports. On the eve of the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games, the terminal expansion project houses over 80,000 square feet of additional space, and forecasts an increase of 2.9 million passengers a year travelling through the airport. Courtesy of the GTAA network, watch the video of the new terminal.


Arconas’ Flyaway tandem seating collection equipped with drink holders and inPower™ Flex were installed at the new terminal hold rooms. “We are proud to have been part of the terminal expansion project at GTAA International Airport. This is one of Canada’s largest and busiest airports, and also happens to be a neighbour of ours. We are only a 10 minute car ride from the airport, so being able to work with a local airport means a lot to us,” says Krista Tapley, Airport Solutions Sales Manager at Arconas.

Arconas has been installing airport terminal furniture at GTAA for several years, with furnishings that encompass their entire hold rooms. Varying collections from our tandem seating, charging station, lounge seating, and advertising towers are installed throughout Terminal’s 1 and 3.


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