Health and Safety Counters for Airports and Passenger Terminals

Restoring passenger confidence to travel again will be an important task for airlines, airports, and passenger terminals to consider as the world looks to move out of lock-down and into a new-normal.

An Increase in Health and Safety Precautions

Many involved in the travel industry are discussing policies around physical distancing, increased sanitation, as well as potential health screening for passengers. This will likely involve additional counter barriers between passengers and staff, adding sanitation stations, and taking people’s temperatures. All are seen as necessary precautions in these public spaces to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. These steps are also a way to reassure passengers that travel is safe. Health and safety precautions may even become a new element passengers consider when deciding to take a trip as well as choosing a travel provider, airport, train station, etc.

Health and Safety Counters

USM Airportsystems has developed several counter solutions to help prevent the spread of disease in airports and passenger terminals. This includes disinfectant dispenser kiosks, mobile counter units for conducting temperature checks, and glass shields that can be mounted to existing USM counters. The modular units can be fully customized in terms of size and accessories to fit the unique needs of each facility. Accessories and options include locking drawers, extension shelves, trays, push-cart handles, and decals. The intention of these solutions is to boost passenger confidence while helping to keep passengers and staff safe.

Gate counter with glass shield

Durable and Elegant Materials

The USM system comprises of a chrome-plated brass ball joint, chromed steel tubes that connect to the ball forming a table framework, and powder coated metal panels mounted between the tubes. These materials are ideal to use in public spaces because they are easy to clean and disinfect. USM is also a durable solution to withstand the impact of high traffic public spaces without sacrificing high design and aesthetics.

Custom Branding and Design

The steel panels are available in a variety of standard colors which can be chosen to match existing interior design or company branding. Custom decals and signage can also be added to each unit.

Mobile health check unit



Each kiosk or counter is retrofittable and can be adapted as the needs of your facility change. Custom panels can also be made to accommodate technology such as scanners if needed. This solution is also sustainable, and future proof. If the need for health precautions changes, each unit can be adapted for a different purpose within the terminal.Browse the USM health and safety counter collection here:



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