High Density Seating Makes a BIG Difference

For years, passenger numbers have been increasing much faster than airports can accommodate. And since building expansion isn’t always an accessible solution, specialists are seeking space-saving strategies to counteract the increased traffic. That is why countless airports around the world are now turning to high-density seating as an effective solution to the passenger traffic problem.

The Nova C Series by Green Furniture Concept offers just that!  It also has the added bonus of exceptional design and comfort as well as heavy-duty durability. The seating line is designed as a modular concept which can be configured into an endless array of shapes – everything from a simple row of benches all the way to winding sculptural seating areas that offer privacy for travelling families and groups.

When describing a recent installation at Scotland’s Edinburgh Airport, the designer of the Nova C Series, Johan Berhin said, “We have produced a new type of seating based on non-linear geometries. Our products are made in curving shapes that make much better use of floor space than conventional seating does.

That’s why we can fit 70 seats into a 65m² space without compromising comfort, access or movement. Although the designs are streamlined, the shapes and materials we use heighten the sense of place and make a lasting impression on the passengers.”

Unlike other modular furniture, the Nova C Series has a uniquely seamless appearance. In other words, when the individual modules are clipped to one another they become one continuous piece of functional art, rather than a repetitive collection of connected furniture pieces. Many say the organic look of wood draws them in to have a seat, but it’s the remarkable comfort that encourage them to stay for a while.

According to Berhin, “Regaining the square footage lost to conventional seating systems frees up floor space for queuing at gates and makes room for the additional seating needed in commercial areas. On top of that, seamless designs increase the number of seats in the terminal overall, so it’s a win/win situation for everyone!”

Arconas is the exclusive distributor of Green Furniture Concept products to airports throughout the Americas.


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