Temptation FF3 Recycling Bin


How to Choose the Right Waste Containers for Your Public Space

High-traffic public spaces pose a unique set of challenges in regards to choosing waste containers that the public will properly use.

By understanding industry best practices, you can choose the right bins to create a more effective waste disposal program that works for your facility and your guests.

Public Space
Waste & Recycling Best Practices

Keep Signage Clear and Simple

  • Surveys show the public spends less than 5 seconds examining a waste container. 
  • Therefore, keep messaging concise. Signs must help users understand in seconds what is required of them. 
  • Pair graphics with text. This is especially important in public spaces with many international visitors. 
  • High visibility from a distance is important. 
Graph-X Sorting Station
Shown: Graph-X

An unfound bin is an unused bin

Original Waste and Recycling Bin
Shown: Original Series

Select Convenient and Visible Locations

  • Place bins in areas with high traffic flow or activities that generate the most waste such as concessions areas, entrances, and exits.
  • Users will not walk far to participate. This may require some research into your facility’s foot traffic patterns. 

Twin the Bin

  • Place waste containers and recycling bins side by side.
  • In outdoor spaces, place ashtrays beside waste containers so smokers have a place to dispose of additional garbage such as coffee cups.  
Super Trashbox Waste Container
Shown: Super Trashbox

Waste and Recycling Considerations for Your Facility

Durability and Weather Resistance

  • If selecting outdoor bins, choose a maintenance friendly and robust finish such as stainless steel.
  • Outdoor waste and recycling bins should have hoods that shield the openings from snow and rain. 
  • Consider graffiti resistant waste containers in vulnerable areas.  
Skyline Series Recycling Bin
Shown: Skyline Series with Hood
Skyline Series Recycling Bin
Shown: Skyline Series

Customize Your Sorting Options

  • Selecting the right waste container for your public space depends on several factors, including frequency of usage, space limitations and collection schedule. 
  • Conduct research into what common items are disposed of in your facility in order to select bin sizes and signage that will be used most effectively.
  • Signs should prioritize acceptable material. Do NOT list unaccepted waste. This leads to further confusion. 

Aesthetic Appeal

  • The look of a waste and recycling bin can attract or repel users.
  • Cues like visual appeal, cleanliness, and attractive signage associated with the bin will impact a user’s decision to participate or not.
  • Waste containers should be noticeable and identifiable, but also complement their surroundings.  
RUX III Recycling Bin
Shown: RUX Series
Temptation FFJ2 Waste Container
Shown: Temptation Series with advertising panel

Advertising, Branding, and Sponsorship

  • To reinforce a facilities brand image, apply decals or choose recycling bins with advertising panels to display your logo and messaging.
  • Bins with advertising panels can be used to generate additional revenue through sponsorship. 

Maintenance and Security

  • Choose bins with lockable doors or lids
  • For a more ergonomic solution, choose waste bins that open from the front for maintenance staff to easily empty.
  • If your facility requires passengers to empty bottles, consider installing a liquid disposal bin
Shown: Liquid Disposal Bin

Arconas offers an extensive range of robust waste and recycling solutions that encourage proper disposal and are built for the unique needs of your busy airport, transportation terminal, or public space. Contact us today for a free consultation or click here to see all of our  waste container and recycling bin options.   


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