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Raising the Value of Public Spaces

Our Design Partners

Many of Arconas’ public seating products are the result of our collaboration with some of the world’s best industrial designers. These award-winning designers are renown for their aesthetically pleasing but practical seating solutions. Some of our winning designs include our Flyaway, Bernù® and inPower™ lines.


Doug is an Industrial Design graduate of the Ontario College of Art. He is also a member of the FADIQ and IDSA associations.<\/p>\n

The integration of technology and design has always fascinated Douglas. This serves as his inspiration and continues to challenge him to new designs as technology evolves.<\/p>\n"}'>

Doug Ball

Industrial Designer

Davide Tonizzo

Industrial Designer

Curt Fentress



Michael McCoy

Industrial Designer


Swave Studios

Jonathan Loudon & John Schmider

Michel Morelli

Industrial Designer and Presisent

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Lee David Fletcher, MA and Terence Woodside, BSc.Eng.