inPower Bars and Green Furniture Concept Installed at Quito Airport in Ecuador

Arconas recently completed an installation of inPower Bars and Green Furniture Concept Nova C Double benches Leaf Lamp trees at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport. The airport is the busiest in Ecuador and one of the busiest airports in South America. Arconas has been working together with the team at Quiport since the airport opened in 2012, providing a wide range of furniture and power solutions for the public waiting areas.

inPower Bar

The inPower Bar is a “plug & play” modular counter system designed to provide a functional work and charging station for public spaces. The inPower Bar legs have built-in inPower Flex modules that provide AC and USB charging. They are complimented by our durable inPower stools, designed to withstand the demands of high-traffic waiting areas.


Nova C Benches and Leaf Lamp Series

The bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control, while the body-conscious contours ensure comfort. The grand configurations are held in place by their own weight, with no need to bolt the sections to the floor, yet can be snapped apart for thorough cleaning or reconfiguration. Finished with natural hard wax oil, a sustainable choice that works similarly to shoe polish – easy to maintain always-like-new.

The Leaf Lamp Tree is a tree-size standing lamp for public indoor spaces. Leaf Lamp Trees stand on the ground with a robust base that can be bolted to the floor or an optional base plate that makes the tree freestanding. Arconas is the exclusive distributor of Green Furniture Concept to airports throughout the Americas.


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