inPower Bars Installed in Quebec High School for Easy Charging and Collaborating

John Rennie school has recently purchased new  inPower Bars, each equipped with comfortable and sturdy inPower stools. These powerful counters are equipped with twelve USB ports and twelve electrical outlets allowing students to connect their devices (iPhone, iPad, Pro Brook, laptop, etc.). The counters are installed in the school’s central corridor and bring to the room a usability and modern features. Students greatly appreciate the new counters for both its usefulness and its look. “We find them classy” students say.

A few courses at John Rennie request the use of a “Pro Book”. It was thus necessary to have a reliable power supply. Since not all classrooms had access to the required electrical outlets to connect the devices, they needed a solution allowing the students to gather around counters with connections, continue their school work, to be connected, and to share and play.

This innovative initiative by Mrs. Cristina Prata, Principal at John Rennie, had a positive impact on students and on school practices. It’s appreciated by all.

In an era that is more and more technological, where the majority of the classes will eventually require the use of electronic devices, Mrs. Prata took a forward-thinking decision by furnishing her school with these counters. Everyone agrees that they are pleased and that it will facilitate the continuity of the students’ school work as well as creating islands of discussions and the sharing in a gathering space.

John Rennie High School, located in Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada was inaugurated in 1995 and was named in memory of the Honourable John Rennie. They offer one of the most diversified program at the high school level. They have two computer labs and one Robotics laboratory where students learn the programming of robots. They offer a wide range of course selection including Actor’s Studio, Journalism, Spanish, Debating, Psychology, Computer Applications, Architectural Technology, enriched Science electives, and Leadership. Their timetable is constructed to provide the students opportunities to enjoy a variety of options, while still pursuing a specific interest.

Special thanks go to John Rennie High School’s Administration, Mrs. Cristina Prata, Mrs. Elaine Fraser and Mr. Michael White for their warm welcome and for having allowed us to take part in this beautiful project.


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