inPower Flex 3 Sets New Standards for Airport and Passenger Terminal At-Seat Power

Our inPower Flex 3 module is a reliable, safe, and convenient power solution for airports and transportation terminals.

Since its launch, airports continue to adopt the inPower Flex 3 as an industry standard. Recent installations include Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Houston William P. Hobby Airport, Chicago O’Hare Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and Columbus Regional Airport. With 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 AC receptacle, passengers can charge their personal devices in whichever way is most convenient to them.

inPower Flex 3 includes USB-C ports which are the newest and fastest type of USB port. USB-C has adaptive fast charging, which means it will adjust its charge to the best rate for your device. It can charge any type of mobile device from cell phone to laptop without an AC adapter. It also has universal charging voltages which means you don’t need to worry about carrying a power adapter.

inPower flex 3 North American Outlet with USB-A

The inPower flex 3 is a UL-rated power source with numerous built-in safety features including safety shutters, and over current protection that shields against short circuits and protects passengers from shocks. The built-in circuit breaker limits current on all units and any overload will only shut down the unit itself, rather than tripping the building’s circuit breaker. The unit can easily be reset by staff on the side of the module using a pin. This saves costs and delays from resetting building breakers by licensed electricians. All models are equipped with technology that shuts down the unit within 120ms if there is a ground short. The unit continuously performs an automatic self-test to ensure the protection system is working.

The inPower Flex 3 is easily mounted with a bracket below most Arconas seating and tables. Custom brackets are also available for those interested in installing on other tandem seating. A blue LED light on the front shines when the unit is powered. This indicates to users that power is available, and allows maintenance staff to quickly determine if a unit needs to be plugged in or repaired. Up to five units can be daisy-chained and powered from a single wall or floor receptacle, reducing the need for costly coring and facility electrical work.

The inPower flex 3 is also available with 2 AC receptacles rather than having 2 USB-A ports, as well as International versions.

inPower Flex 3 with Shuko

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