Introducing Trevor Gillett – Waste & Recycling Manager

We recently sat down with Trevor Gillett, an experienced designer, furniture maker, and entrepreneur, to discuss the ‘x series’ products that he created, and his role at Arconas.

How did the concept for the x series waste and recycling units come about?

A designer and I came up with the concept for SMOKESTAX in the late 1980s. Anti smoking bylaws created an entirely new maintenance problem for public buildings. We guessed that smokers would be driven outdoors so also designed the TRASHBOX for them to dispose of their coffee cups.  One of the architects at GTAA was interested in the units and through our discussions, using common components of the TRASHBOX, we developed the family of RUX recycling units.  Our relationship with GTAA was a lengthy one and the RUX units are still scattered around Terminal 3 after twenty odd years.

What brought you and Arconas together?

It was around that time that I came into contact with Arconas.  My company and Arconas shared a common metal fabricator in Brampton.  After meeting Pablo Reich and Lynn Gordon we forged an alliance which evolved over the next several years.

What is your role with Arconas?

As the Waste & Recycling Manager I am currently working on fully integrating the x series products into the system. Once this is complete I will spend time with the sales team as required.  I will make sure that the client base which I brought with me continue to purchase not just the x series, but also other waste and recycling items and Arconas products. This includes promoting their full line of Auweko waste & recycling bins which are made in Germany.  I look forward to spending time observing and consulting.

How did the x series differentiate itself?

The x series was designed so that common components could be finished in such a way that colour combinations, or stainless and powder coated components, can be used creatively, especially when combined with different graphic treatments, so that a unique identity can be created for a client without the units being specifically customized.  Few of our competitors, large or small, offer that option.  For larger institutional clients I have devised certain elements which are truly custom, but only if the project was large enough.

What do you envision for the future of this relationship?

I hope the range of products will be successful for Arconas and would like to think I could contribute in some useful way to the process for several years yet.


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