LAX Bradley West Gates Airport Furniture Case Study


The Midfield Satellite Concourse Building (MSC), now known as the “Bradley West Gates” at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was designed by Corgan Architects, in association with Gensler, from the inside out to enhance the passenger journey and create a unique L.A. experience through better service and comfort while on the ground.

“With the various criteria and stakeholders’ requirements in mind, Arconas was realistically the only furniture systems manufacturer that could complete the vision of the owner and design team to deliver a new standard in airport facilities and comfort,” says Kelley. 

Creating a Sense of Place

The design of the concourse continues the aquatic theme of the Bradley Terminal with its undulating roof form and sweeping lines, evoking the swell in the ocean just before the breaking wave. The interior volume reflects the roof form while natural light floods into the concourse from every angle providing a dynamic play of light and shadow within the public space.  

Place LAX Bradley West Gates

Place Seating | © Corgan


“As a satellite concourse, an important facet of the project was to streamline the design to provide a more intuitive wayfinding process, incorporate the latest technology to assist passengers, and by providing increased amenities reflective of the vibe of the City,” says Brent Kelly, Managing Principal, Aviation Sector Leader at Corgan.  The interior design of the concourse was inspired by the “urban fabric” of Los Angeles. The interior finish materials, fabrics, and colors were selected to reflect the local flavor of the “neighborhoods” – such as downtown, mid-city, and beach areas – and their associated characters. To create the sense of place, each “neighborhood” is comprised of three to four gates grouped together and surrounded by shopping and dining options, restrooms, and other passenger amenities.  

Place Cluster LAX Bradley West Gates

Place Cluster | © Joshua Sudock


To complete the “neighborhood” concept, the furniture selection was a key element in the overall design of the facility. The Bradley West Gates was not envisioned to be a typical concourse with crowded gate lounges and standard airport furniture. Instead, the vision was to create the idea of community where comfort, personal interaction, and access could easily be accommodated, regardless of the passenger type. The team desired the incorporation of a variety of comfortable furniture styles to facilitate all travelers regardless of age, ability, group size, or reason for travel. 

Furniture For All Passengers

Los Angeles World Airport’s (LAWA’s) desire was for stylish furniture that fit with the overall design while also being inherently flexible and re-configurable to accommodate the anticipated number of passengers. And, while the intent was to create an enhanced experience, the reality of durability and performance was still a top priority as the airport maintenance staff required components that are easily cleanable, sturdy, durable, and can be repaired easily and quickly should it be damaged. To meet these goals and implement the design vision, the project team turned to Arconas for inspiration and guidance.  As the leader in airport furniture, Arconas provided a wide variety of seating options.  

Place Seating Bradley West Gates LAX

Place Seating | © Corgan


For more traditional chairs,  Arconas’ Place tandem seating was installed in linear rows and clusters. While traditional in the sense of configuration,  Place features the most modern amenities to satisfy all passenger needs. “With integrated power and USB at every seat, generous tablet arms, drink holders, under-seat storage – and plenty of personal space – Place lets travelers work, read, game, or consume media in style,” says Lynn Gordon, Vice President of Business Development for Arconas.  

Connex at LAX Bradley West Gates

Connex Lounge Seating | © Corgan


For passengers looking for a plusher option, they can sink down into Arconas’ Connex lounge seating. The firm, yet soft modular lounge collection comes in linear and curved units that are  connected together to create endless winding configurations. At the Bradley West Gates, Connex was placed around the large columns to utilize this often-underused space. Another soft-seating product installed was Fiore; a modular collage of ottomans that form the shape of a flower with its central raised ottoman and five moveable petals. Fiore was  placed in family friendly areas, to satisfy  different groups of travelers who have different needs.  

Fiore and Place LAX Bradley West Gates

Fiore and Place Cluster | © Corgan


Also found throughout the terminal is Arconas’  elegant Bernù Wood Bench. Its sleek aerodynamic profile makes it feel perfectly at home in the airport terminal and the solid hardwood finish brings a natural warmth to the space. 

Bernu Bench LAX Bradley West Gates

Bernu Bench | © Joshua Sudock

Arconas has extensive  experience supplying furniture to airports across the world and the ability to produce a high-quality product that can withstand the rigors of the high use setting of an airport terminal while also accommodating the needs of the traveling public. Whether the passenger is in the gate lounge for a few minutes or a few hours before their journey, the expectation is a seat that is both comfortable and ergonomically designed but also incorporates integrated power for charging laptops, phones, or gaming devices. Arconas brought its in-depth industry expertise to the project and the seating selections met all the criteria as well as providing all the latest amenities to further enhance the passenger experience. 



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