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Auweko Bins Installed at RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Canada

Arconas is excited to share our recent installation of Auweko ‘Temptation Series’ waste and recycling bins throughout the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. The Temptation FF4 bins installed have four separate sorting compartments and offer an elegant, functional, stainless steel solution with a contoured design line. All bins supplied were also customized with a “RBC Convention Centre” graphic on the front for cohesive corporate branding. Standard decals were placed at each opening to assist users in separating waste correctly. Separation of waste makes for more efficient collection by maintenance staff, and allows for proper processing and storage of each type of waste.

Temptation FF4 Waste and Recycling Unit

Temptation FF4 Waste and Recycling Bin

The Temptation series of waste and recycling bins are manufactured in Germany by Auweko and exclusively distributed throughout the Americas by Arconas. They are also available with 1, 2, and 3 openings in a linear configuration or a wall mounting option. Temptation bins are also fire-proof, due to a self-extinguishing feature effect caused by a combination of funnel-shaped drop openings with sealed metal inner containers. High safety standards in waste bins are a prerequisite in today’s world, particularly for busy indoor and outdoor public spaces. If you’d like to learn more about our waste and recycling options, contact our sales team for more information.

Temptation FF4 Waste & Recycling Bin

Temptation FF4 Waste & Recycling Bin

The RBC Convention Centre is Winnipeg’s premier event facility for everything from meetings, conventions, trade and consumer shows, receptions to gala dinners and corporate events. The building first opened in 1975 as a leader in purpose-built convention centres in Canada. Originally 160,000 sq ft, the Convention Centre embarked on an expansion project in 2016 to increase the facility by 100,000 sq ft to accommodate the huge growth of the city of Winnipeg. The expansion makes the centre now the largest tier-two publicly-owned Convention Centre in Canada and the 4th largest publicly-owned Convention Centre in Canada. Arconas is excited to be part of another great cultural public space for the city of Winnipeg, having previously installed seating at the renowned Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

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