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Comfort and Color Enhance New Terminal E Extension at Boston Logan Airport

Boston Logan International Airport has once again proven its dedication to enhancing passenger experiences with their Terminal E extension to accommodate the new A380 Passenger Jet Airline. Featured in this extension is our premium Flyaway seating, inPower™ Bar Stools, and inPower™ Flex modules to provide passengers with power.

Flyaway is the best-selling Arconas seating system, and offers high backs, effective lumbar support, thick cushions, and drink holders. The seats at this installation are upholstered in black majilite fabric.

Boston Logan continues to offer power access for all passengers to charge their electronics devices. This is why all seats are equipped with access to our innovative inPower™ flex modules that allow passengers to charge their personal electronic devices via a traditional cord or a USB cable.

They also continue to address passenger comfort including the use of color to help relieve the stress of traveling, long layovers, delayed flights, etc. The inPower™ Stools installed offer a pop of color in bright orange and purple silica fabric. The colors are also used to delineate ‘zones’ which is not only a design approach, but a subliminal wayfinding technique the airport has extensively used to help people find where they are.

Solid surface table tops on Flyaway seating and charging stations were also purposefully chosen for long lasting use. The addition of cup-holders and the ease of access for accessibility/ADA embroidery add to passenger comfort and convenience.

The extension also features Boston historical facts displayed in an array of wall and counter top divider applications to incorporate a design element while providing passengers with additional entertainment, and immersing them in a cultural experience unique to the destination.

This installation feels like a natural extension to a long-established partnership Arconas holds with Boston Logan International Airport, built on trust and mutual respect. A similar style and use of color can be seen in the Terminal B expansion designed for the airport in 2015. Read the case study here.

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