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Flyaway Installed at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in California

The story behind the selection of Flyaway seating for the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles shows that impeccable comfort and design speak for themselves.

While a member of the Clara Shortridge project team was waiting for a flight, he took notice of the comfortable chairs he was lounging on, took a picture, sent it to his team and asked if they could do some research on the company and product. This led to the selection and installation of 276 Flyaway chairs for the jury assembly room of California’s largest Courthouse (850,000 square feet), Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center.

The arduous hours involved in jury duty makes it difficult for the courts to attract jurors. They are away from their office, their home and their connection to the world outside for days on end. New techniques have included ways to make it a friendlier, more comfortable process.  Along with easy registration, online orientation and big screen monitors, they are also providing access to power, a gathering space for leisure time, and chairs that provide proper support for long waiting periods

The Flyaway units are upholstered in a color block pattern of Mayer Florentino ‘dove’ and ‘slate’ creating a visual interest in the room. Our innovative inPower™ Flex units have been installed at various points throughout the room to provide convenient access to power through AC receptacles and USB ports.

The Auweko Temptation FF4 and FFW1 waste and recycling bins were installed at various points in the room to allow for easy access of trash disposal.  The stainless steel Temptation series features a patented fire protection system, are maintenance friendly and are ideal for high traffic waiting areas. They also include sorting decals in both English and Spanish.

The existing building was redesigned by RACAIA Architecture & Design and Swinerton Builders brought the drawings to reality. RACAIA’s ideas came to life with the help of the CSI Fullmer team that worked diligently with them to specify, order and install the correct furniture for their vision.

The facility managers, procurement, and operations personal of the courts are extremely happy with the final outcome of the room and what it provides for the jurors and staff that will occupy the space.

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