Place lands at Denver Int’l Airport

Place lands at Denver Int’l Airport, Colorado.

Denver International Airport (DIA) recently opened five new gates that are occupied by Southwest Airlines. The new space is designed as an airy, light-filled, easy-to-navigate space, and the design approach has reinvented the way passengers experience gate areas at DIA. There is a mix of urban and natural architectural features, integrated with technology. Architectural references to the industrial history of Colorado’s region are found in materials such as steel beams; a strong unifying element that will be seen in custom pieces such as communal tables, as well as the main architectural feature of all the storefronts.

Amenities in this new space feature iPads integrated in custom high top tables, providing an opportunity to order beverages and receive concierge service, or simply to check e-mail, review flight status and catch up on the news. Improved seating choices include Place’s electrical outlets, cup holders and individual tables. The layers of seating elements are designed with pops of color, while warm wood-look porcelain tiles ground the center of the concourse in a play on the natural elements found throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

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Photos and press release courtesy of Denver International Airport.


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