Port of Miami’s Terminal F

Cruise goers starting their journey at Port of Miami’s Carnival Cruise Line’s Terminal F will be greeted by the elegant curvature and rich natural wood tones of Green Furniture Concept’s Nova C bench. Perfectly complementing the terminal’s design and harmonizing with the vibrant splashes of deep blue and white within the space, Nova C effortlessly captures the essence of maritime adventure and the spirit of ships sailing on the open sea.

Nova C serves as a captivating focal point within the terminal, while creating an inviting atmosphere for passengers embarking on their vacations. Its seamless integration into the overall design, showcases the terminal’s commitment to blending aesthetic appeal with functional excellence.

As Carnival Cruise Line’s largest cruise terminal in North America, the spaciousness and thoughtful layout of the terminal ensures travelers will embark on their journeys with ease and comfort.

Photos courtesy of Miami in Focus


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