Health and Safety Counters

Improve health and safety precautions at your facility with innovative counter and kiosk solutions. Each modular unit can be fully customized in terms of size and accessories to fit the unique needs of your facility. If the needs of your space change in the future, the units can easily be retrofitted and repurposed.

These solutions are offered through Arconas’ partnership with USM Airportsystems. USM develops flexible and cost-effective furnishings for all passenger processes based on a simple tube and panel solution.

About USM

The USM system comprises of a chrome-plated brass ball joint, chromed steel tubes that connect to the ball forming a table framework, and powder coated metal panels mounted between the tubes.

Make it Yours

We’ll work with you to create a unit that works specifically for your facility’s needs. Options include locking drawers, extension shelves, trays, a push-cart handle, and decals. 

Notable Features

  • Dismantle, reconfigure and add new accessories at any time
  • Customize for unique needs of your facility
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Can accommodate integrated technology such as scanners
  • Custom branding, decals, and signage available

Approvals & Certifications

  • No fire load confirmed by Building Material Test Certificate B4


  • Panels: Powder coated steel
  • Frame: Chrome