inPower Flex 3

Give your public seating a charge with inPower™ flex 3. This power module is an easy and convenient way for people to recharge their electronics from the comfort of their seats. inPower™ flex 3 features one AC receptacle, and two USB Type-A, and two USB Type-C charging ports. USB-C enables faster, more convenient charging and wide charging capabilities from cell phones to laptops.


                 1   USB Type-C Port
                 2   Aluminum Casing
                 3   Safety Shutters
                 4   Led Power Light
                 5   AC Receptacle
                 6   Unit Circuit Breaker Reset Button
                 7   2 USB Type-A Port
                 8   Universal slide Mounting Plate

Say Hello to USB-C

inPower Flex 3 includes USB Type-C ports, the fastest, most convenient USB charging port on the market which has already been adopted by major tech brands. 

Safety First

UL-rated, inPower flex is a power source with numerous built-in safety features that shields against short circuits and protects passengers from shocks.




Daisy Chaining

Up to five units can be powered from a single wall or floor receptacle, reducing the need for costly coring and facility electrical work.  

Notable Features

  • Available with AC Receptacles USB Type-A and/or USB-Type-C ports
  • Safety shutters
  • Can charge multiple devices simultaneously
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Blue LEDs indicate ready for service to users
  • Over current protection

Approvals & Certifications

  • All components are UL/CSA listed
  • All components meet RoHS
  • Tested to UL/CSA/IEC 62368-1
  • North American – UL Mark
  • UK and Schuko – UL and CE Mark
  • EMC/EMI to EN 55024 / 55032


  • Body: All aluminum die casting with black powder coating