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inPower flex 3

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Construction And Finishes

inPower flex 3 is Arconas’ third generation public charging solution. You can plug into inPower flex 3 to recharge personal electronic devices via a traditional power cord or a USB Type-C cable. USB Type-C is the fastest, most convenient USB charging port on the market, and has already been adopted by major tech brands including Google, Apple, HTC, Sony, Samsung, and Blackberry for all personal devices entering the market. inPower flex 3 distributes power to multiple seating units from one wall outlet reducing need for costly facility electrical work. This new module is exceptionally adaptable and can be attached to any existing model of Arconas beam seating as well as any existing beam seating style the facility may already have using customized bracketing.

UL-rated, inPower flex is a power source with numerous built-in safety features that limits current, protects against short circuits and shields passenger’s electronic equipment from surges.

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Features & Maintenance:

  • USB Type-C Ports
  • Two AC Receptacles
  • Aluminum Casing
  • Safety Shutters
  • White LED indicator light
  • Unit circuit breaker reset bottom on left side
  • Can daisy chain up to 5 units
  • Mounting brackets available for all Arconas beam seating and tables
  • Cable Management Device dresses jumper cables for a tidy appearance
  • Detachable power and jumper cords

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