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NOVA C Double

Product Designer

Johan Berhin

Construction And Finishes

The configurably winding Nova C allows grand seating in scale with grand indoor spaces. The bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control, while the body-conscious contours ensure comfort. The small footprint makes efficient use of the space. And the configurability also goes into colors and accessories - every project can be unique.

The grand configurations are held in place by their own weight, with no need to bolt the sections to the floor, yet can be snapped apart for thorough cleaning or reconfiguration.

Finished with natural hard wax oil, a sustainable choice that works similarly to shoe polish – easy to maintain always-like-new.

Arconas distributes the Nova C series from Green Furniture Concept. For additional information on Green Furniture Concept, please visit


Nova C benches are offered either curved or straight. Each section of the bench is 1 meter long (approx. 40”) and designed to seat 2 adults.

The modules are connected to each other by robust snap fittings on the inside of the wider ribs, not visible to the user, but easily accessible for maintenance and re-configuration.

The metal parts of the benches are made of recycled steel and are offered with a standard matte black powder coat.


The ribs are available in Maple or Oak veneers with the official Green Furniture Concept Natural Wax Finish. Benches can be ordered in Natural, Latte, Caramel, Mahogany or Espresso finishes. We also
offer a mixed color option. Custom colors are available upon request.