PARCS by Bene is a multifunctional, modular furniture system that creates interesting and inviting community areas to enhance any passenger or terminal space. The PARCS collection includes the Wing Chair Series and Causeway, which provides an abundance of design freedom in how the space is used: for relaxation, variation, or just a nice place to sit.

PARCS is designed by Pearson Lloyd.

Wing Chair

The Wing series is based on traditional wingback seats. The Wing Chair’s lateral headrests provide visual and acoustic shielding and enable concentrated discussions, focussed work or recreation.

The Wing Chair is made of moulded polyurethane foam with a metal frame substructure. The swivel base allows for 360° swivelling.

Wing Sofa

The Wing Sofa comes as a 2 or 3-seater. Wing Sofas can be either freestanding or placed around a table. The PARCS American Diner is a typical combination in which two Wing Sofas are positioned opposite one another.


PARCS Causeway is a space-shaping system that can be combined to form a variety of different settings and create modular seating, reflecting the needs and the amount of space available. Causeway brings the character of a modern park bench into any passenger or public space, and is perfect for areas with short-term or relaxed wait times. 

Causeway consists of benches, walls and fence modules that can be combined in multiple ways, offering a high degree of design and function to elevate any passenger or terminal area. The various heights of the Causeway elements encourage ergonomic freedom, allowing users to sit, stand or lean.

Fences come in 3 widths and 2 heights as well as Corner Low Fence for corner solutions.

The Benches come in four widths as well as a Corner Bench for corner solutions. Benches can be loosely joined with a base connector.

The backrests come flat or angled in different dimensions.

Notable Features

  • The different heights of the Causeway elements encourage users to assume one of three different positions: sitting, standing or leaning, enabling ergonomic freedom.
  • Can be configured linear or angled to suit any space.
  • Wing chair base swivels


Causeway: Upholstered wood
Wing Sofa and American Diner: Polyurethane foam, wood frame
Wing Chair: Polyurethan foam, metal frame