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bernù® aero

Product Designer

Davide Tonizzo

  • 3 seat option with cantilever arms
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  • Adjoining 4-seat inside and 5-seat outside curved units creates an elegant S-shaped configuration.
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  • Bernu Aero is also available in 4-seat inside and 5-seat outside curves.
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  • Solid die-cast aluminum loop arm.
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  • Solid die-cast aluminum cantilever arm
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  • Solid die-cast aluminum cantilever arm with integrated drink holder
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  • 21" table replaces a seat position
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  • inPower Flex's Cable Management Device (CMD) Floor Plug
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  • Bernù Aero Accessibility Seating with Embroidered Logo and Arm Off End
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  • Reduced Mobility Seating with Raised Seat Bracket - European Standard Only
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Construction And Finishes

Light. Refined. Affordable.

Available with curved or straight beams, Bernù Aero features comfortable, elegant upholstery and ergonomic construction. Engineered for excellence, this lightweight system performs like its heavier counterparts. Bernù Aero is dynamic... and delightful.

Bernù Aero passes the most rigid fire standards in North America CAL 133 and in Europe (British Standard-5852).

US Patent: D498,077 S


Seat and back pans: Contoured metal
Cushions: Molded CFC free, HR fire retardant soy-based polyol BiOH foam
Beam: Anodized aluminum
Supports: Die-cast aluminum


Perforated Seats and backs: Powder coated in Arconas Standards
Cast aluminum – Satin with bright polished accents