Government, Judicial & Public Spaces

Our robust furniture solutions are ideal for high traffic waiting areas in a variety of demanding environments such as government buildings, judicial facilities, healthcare centers, and more.
Quinte Courthouse, ON, Canada


Courts, detention, correction, and enforcement facilities come with their own unique challenges. Choose organized, dignified, comfortable and safe furniture to help create a more inviting space. The furniture mix can ultimately effect how you want people to interact with their environment. 


Arconas supplies furniture for federal, state, provincial, and military facilities. Our furniture honors the distinction and character of these spaces while still emphasizing the importance of durability, efficiency, and safety. 


Arconas has supplied the US Federal Government for over 40 years. Contact us for a full listing of our products available on GSA or visit GSA Advantage, keyword “arconas” for further details. 


DHS Facility, USA
Shriner's Children's Hospital, Canada

Other Public Spaces

For years, clients have trusted us to supply their public facility with durable, comfortable, and maintenance friendly furniture. From museums, to hair salons, libraries, and more, Arconas has the right mix of furniture to raise the value of your public space.