‘Reading Zone’ Opens at Guadalajara International Airport Featuring Green Furniture Concept

Guadalajara International Airport has recently opened its ‘Reading Zone’. This new space was created with the passengers in mind. Shelves run along the wall near the window for passengers to either pick out a book or magazine or leave one behind for those who come after them. Outfitted with Green Furniture Concept’s signature Nova C modular seating, this space is warm and inviting for anyone who travels through the airport and needs a place to rest. The space brings a touch of nature indoors, and was constructed with sustainable, natural components

The Nova C Bench, Nova C Double, and Nova C Double Bench were installed to create a sculptural seating layout. The modules include integrated power that allow users to charge their personal electronics. The Nova C Double Bench has sleek lines and smooth contours that create clean and open sight lines. The slats in the center rise to form a ‘bump’ which creates a subtle back to back separation in the benches. Guadalajara International Airport chose to do a mix of 3 colors for the finishes on the seating to create a warm environment through wood tones found in nature. Charcoal tables and arm rests were added to the seating to create separation and spaces to place personal items.

Guadalajara International Airport is also one of the first places to install the ‘Nova C Kids’ module. The module is designed to look like a playful caterpillar with antenna attached to the first wooden rib. This seating is durable, allowing for children to both play and sit. This seating is modular like the Nova C Series and comes in a variety of sizes and colors, including the fun orange mix that pops against the more natural brown of the rest of the Nova C installation.  The legs on the caterpillar are lower than the traditional Nova C which makes it more comfortable for children to use.

The Reading Zone also features Green Furniture Concept Leaf Lamp Trees. The trees have A-Class acoustic properties that dampen noise for those sitting under it, making it perfect for a reading zone. The trees come in 8ft or 10ft heights. The lamp is made of natural materials from the birch wood bark to the merino wool felt ‘leaves’. These leaves are flame and dust resistant.  They are also available in 79 unique color options that can be combined up to a choice of 5 colors to create a unique foliage crown. Guadalajara International Airport chose to do a mix of green, grey and off-white leaves to brighten the space and complement the wood seating. This installation of sculptural seating and acoustic lighting tie the zone together crafting a one of a kind space that is worth visiting the next time you are in Guadalajara.


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