Say ‘Bonjour!’ to our inPower Bars at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris

Arconas has installed the first of several of our innovative inPower™ Bars at Charles De Gaulle Airport. This is part of a contract to supply power units to the facility where passengers can charge their personal electronics while they wait for their flight. The bars are finished with corian counter tops, and the accompanying inPower™ Stools a finished with bright upholstery to match the colourful space. The bar also features a custom lower shelf designed to make the bar accessible for all travelers.

The inPower Bar is a “plug & play” modular counter system designed to provide a functional work and charging station for public spaces. The inPower Bar legs have built-in inPower Flex modules that provide AC and USB charging. The inPower Bar only requires a single power source, which reduces the need for costly hard-wiring for facilities.


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