Seating, Power, and Waste Bins Installed at Union Station in Springfield, MA

Arconas recently installed Bernù Aero series seating, X series waste and recycling bins, and inPower™ Bars at the Springfield Union Station revitalization in Massachusetts. This project is a great example of Arconas’ cohesive collection of seating, power, and waste solutions for high-traffic waiting areas.

Bernù Aero seating provides a comfortable waiting experience and includes intermediate tables and drink holder arms to give personal space to busy passengers using the station. Travelers know that finding a power outlet in a public space can often be a difficult task, often resulting in people sitting in hallways or bathroom floors just to power their electronics. To spare travelers this inconvenience, our innovative inPower™ Bars were installed throughout the station to allow people to easily charge their phones, laptops, tablets, etc. while they wait. The inPower Bar is a “plug & play” modular counter system designed to provide a functional work and charging station for public spaces. The inPower Bar legs have built-in inPower Flex modules that provide AC and USB charging.

Bernù Aero public seating and x series waste and recycling bins


X Series waste and recycling bins were placed between seating configurations and are labelled with waste and recycling decals to allow passengers to easily dispose of waste. The lids of the X series bins are purposefully slanted inwards to discourage people from leaving waste on top, helping to maintain a clean facility. These maintenance friendly bins were chosen in all stainless steel, allowing them to be functional, elegant, and easily compliment the sleek aluminum castings of the Bernù Aero seating.

The Springfield Redevelopment Authority collaborated with the Massachusetts Historical Commission to facilitate the restoration of the historic Union Station.

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