Seating, Power, and Waste Solutions Elevate the Traveler Experience at San Luis Obispo Airport

When San Luis Obispo Airport, located on the California Coast, expanded their terminal by 350%, they needed a whole new suite of furniture to accommodate that space, and turned to Arconas for our expertise.

Arconas worked along side SLO and architecture firm RS&H for the new terminal, which was designed to accommodate economic growth and increased tourism in the area, as well as further connect the community with major metropolitan areas.

The new two-building, 56,000 square-foot facility includes a ticketing lobby, baggage claim, passenger and baggage screening, washrooms, administration office, support areas, waiting lounges and boarding areas. With seating, power, and waste and recycling solutions, Arconas was able to outfit the new terminal with amenities to enhance passenger experiences, from curbside to airside.


Two common furniture needs for curbside are robust waste and recycling containers, as well as seating for those waiting outside. Our stainless-steel Temptation bins with hoods and 3 sorting compartments were chosen for their elegant look and maintenance friendly qualities. Complementing these are our cloud silver Morelli benches, which feature tapered legs that mimic the wings of an airplane.

Auweko Temptation Bin with hood

Once you arrive at the airport, passengers enter a beautiful facility characterized by high ceilings and natural materials, which were chosen to reflect the regional landscape. Our Bernù wood benches in walnut can be found near the entrance, and Green Furniture Concept Nova C wooden benches are arranged throughout the terminal, to also reflect this natural aesthetic. Near the entrance you’ll also find our plush Aerea seating, upholstered in neutral brown and tan colors to complement the space.


San Luis Obispo Regional Airport, CA, USA



Past security, passengers will find plenty of places to sit on our black-upholstered Bernù Aero tandem seating with bright polished aluminum arms and legs. Business passengers and those in need of a surface or a power outlet will be thankful for the inPower Bars with stools that can also be found at the gates. These plug-and-play charging stations come with built-in AC outlets and USB ports for people to charge their personal electronic devices. The terminal also has the Temptation waste and recycling bins placed through-out to match the ones found outside, for a seamless aesthetic experience.

“Our travelers have enjoyed the comfort of our seating and convenience of charging options available,” says Kevin Bumen, Director of Airports for San Luis Obispo County. “The Arconas team did a fantastic job optimizing layouts and providing interesting product alternatives to create a great experience for travelers.”


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