New Leaf Lamp Trees Light Up London, Ontario Airport

Green Furniture Concept has recently added a new addition to its popular Leaf Lamp family; the Leaf Lamp Metal Tree. You can experience these new lamps first hand at the London International Airport in London, Ontario. This new lamp has a metal trunk instead of the tradition Swedish birch wood used on the original Leaf Lamp Tree.

New GFC metal leaf lamp

Passengers enjoying the new GFC Plug and Play power solution


The new lamp is a “plug and play” solution for public spaces that want to bring a little of the outdoors in side. Plug and play maximizes power while saving space and time. The lamp only needs one power source and no hard wiring or costly installation fees to deliver power for up to 4 individuals.

The trunk has electrical cables integrated into its’ design that runs electricity to the power outlets. The design also includes a standing height Tree Table that encircles the trunk with a 360 ° surface, which offers a comfortable work space for those using the plugs. The lamp of course is topped with the lighting cluster which softly diffuses the light to provide ample lighting for those working beneath it.

Green Furniture Metal Lamp

Wool leaves create a quite work station


Like the other lamps in this line the soft woolen leaves that create the lighting cluster are Grade A-certified by acousticians for their acoustic properties. They filter out noise from their surroundings to create a calm environment for work or quiet conversation. Making this new lamp the prefect spot to stop and recharge and get some work done on your journey.


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