Turning Transportation Hubs into Share-Worthy Destinations with the Latest Tech

As the world becomes ever-more connected, transportation hubs such as airports, cruise terminals, and train stations find themselves shifting into a new kind of competition. The presence of cell phone cameras and video-based apps has combined with the popularity of travel blogging and digital commentary to produce a market in which these facilities compete in terms of amenities, ease of use, and atmosphere instead of focusing solely on more traditional data points. As consumers share video, blog, and take selfies they also function as temporary advertising executives for these spaces, often tagging several in-terminal locations and spreading the media throughout their social network across various media platforms.

Travelers on social media while waiting for their flight


In order to benefit from these actions, transportation terminals have the opportunity to create tech friendly environments with the services consumers desire, including the newest technologies. The goal is to create a highly functional space where people are comfortable working, waiting, and connecting with others.


inPower bar with a work surface and charging ports


Adding power solutions for passengers on the go has become one of the easiest ways to accommodate the ubiquity of personal devices and enhance passenger experiences. Taking into account the latest charging technology, Arconas has introduced several new products. The inPower hub is a sleek wall-mounted counter system designed with an integrated inPower flex 3 module with USB-C ports and an optional acoustic privacy panel for passengers to charge their personal electronics.

The hub creates a short-term respite area where there was none along underutilized wall space. The sleek design means that hubs can be placed in hallways or around existing seating in order to create a standing space for consumers to charge their devices, talk on the phone, and update their digital social networks with increased privacy. When properly placed, these spaces discourage passengers from clogging walkways and transition areas as they focus on their device screens. The inPower hub has standing, sitting, and accessible height options to meet the unique needs of each space. In the standing option, an absence of seating can be an intentional design element, encouraging users to walk up and do their business straight away.

InPower Hub


The ideal location for these minimal space-claiming solutions changes based on flight/train/bus/ferry locations, traffic levels, and proximity to amenities. When passengers know that there is easy and accessible charging nearby, they are encouraged to shop or grab a snack, instead of guarding a scarce power source.

Arconas has also introduced seamlessly integrated wireless charging into the tablet arm of their Place seating series, as well as the surface of the inPower hub. The wireless technology, also known is ‘Qi’, is the newest way to provide customers with reliable, high-speed charging capability. Qi is a widely popular industry standard used by major smartphone companies. An elegant laser-etched icon on the surface with the words ‘wireless charging’ identifies the available technology, inviting passengers to easily charge their compatible mobile phones. By working wireless charging surfaces into their furniture solutions, terminals can keep up with current tech trends while providing their visitors with the amenities they expect. The system is simple to install, but it can revolutionize the user experience at airports, cruise terminals, train stations, and more, and prepares the facility for the future of charging.

Wireless charging tablet


By investing in furniture and power solutions that accommodate the tech-savvy traveler, these terminal operators can bring their facilities in line with the new standard and compete on a level playing field with the top travel hubs in the world. With proper strategy, intentionally designed tech solutions can not only provide power and ease bottlenecks, but also create share-worthy destinations.


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