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USM Airportsystems Installed in the Yukon

USM Airportsystems has made the journey all the way up to Northern Canada with Arconas’ newest installation at Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport in Whitehorse, Yukon. Arconas is the exclusive distributor of USM Airportsystems to airports throughout the Americas. The company develops furnishings for all passenger processes in airports such as modular counters and mobile kiosks on the basis of the classic, world-renowned Swiss made USM Haller Modular Furniture system.

The configurations installed for this particular project are single lane gate podium counters. They are finished with mid-gray and beige panels, two of USM’s 14 classic colors, to complement the Bernù Aero maple wood gate seating also installed.

These particular counters come with several special features. On the top counter, there is a perforated panel privacy screen, as well as cable cut-outs to discretely manage cables. In the center of the unit there are two extension shelfs on the employee side to hold the computer’s keyboard along with printers and other accessories. On the side facing customers there is also a shelf for people to rest the purses, wallets, passports, etc. At the bottom, there are two lockable drawers for employees to keep any sensitive items or information secure.

USM Counters at Whitehorse Airport

USM Counters at Whitehorse Airport

The USM system is made up of a chrome-plated brass ball joint, chrome steel tubes that connect to the ball forming a stable framework, and powder coated metal panels mounted between the tubes. The simple construction allows for infinite design possibilities. The modest yet elegant aesthetic combined with its ultra functionality lends itself perfectly to projects in public spaces such as airports. Its robust steel panels combined with a virtually indestructible polished chrome frame make for a long-lasting and sustainable product with very low maintenance costs. If for some reason a panel does get damaged, instead of having to get rid of the entire unit, the individual metal panel can simply be replaced one-for-one without disassembling the entire unit.

USM is a great solution for clients looking for a counter system that is flexible, modular, durable, quick and easy to install, and has a classic aesthetic that can be customized for its environment. More information about the company can be found at


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